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Just as women have that elusive G spot that can bring her to the dizzying heights of ecstasy, so too do men have their P spot. That special area on the prostate that when touched, massaged or vibrated can have him crying out to the ceiling in pure ecstatic joy. Of course, for those that aren’t aware, the only way to reach that P Spot is through anal play. And perhaps you are a man who wants to experience the joys of mind blowing orgasms but aren’t sure about getting a full sized dildo or vibrator to accomplish the job. That’s okay because at Adam Had Eve we have just the thing for you. We offer a full line of P Spot Stimulators guaranteed to reach in and pluck that P Spot in just the right way. Some of them vibrate, others you can vibrate yourself with gentle rocking motions. Some have the added convenience of a handle for easy retrieval. Each one is made with 100% body safe material.

The Aneros MGX is a simple model with the graceful contour you need to just lightly tease that P Spot. The Aneros Progasm is the P Spot Stimulator for those who are experienced in anal play and want a toy with a little more oomph. This one is definitely not for the beginner as it is built for those who like it thick! The K-tab provides even more sensation than the actual penetration by tickling you just under the perineum. Simply insert the toy and rock back and forth until you orgasm.

LELO, makers of some of the highest quality sex toys for her, introduces Bob, the company’s well-received Prostate Massager. With the same sleek design and look at the other LELO products, Bob is meant for the man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to get it. Bob comes with his own unique packaging that makes it the perfect gift for the man who has everything.

Manzzz Toys are of course known for their sex toys for men. Adam Had Eve also carries Manzzz Toys’ Cassini Blue, the P Spot pleaser and perineum teaser. Its narrow design is best for the newbie and those who want to start off slow. For those who like it thick, there is the Manzzz Cunter with its wide wicked angles and sensuous ridges, the Cunter is the perfect toy for a little stimulator action.

Nexus is yet another manufacturer that is popular with our customers. The P Spot stimulators from Nexus are if anything, extremely imaginative in design. The Gyro Extreme features a rounded bottom that aids in rocking it back and forth inside you. The Nexus Ridge Rider has raised ridges that spiral down the length of its insanely contoured shaft and some nice textured nubs that massage the perineum with each rocking movement.

For products from a company that is quite aptly named, try the Rocks Off products for a P Spot stimulator. The Rocks Off Butt Boy is a vibrating stimulator with a tapered end that widens then turns sharply for a little perineum stimulation as well.

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